Babak Fatholahi – Photographer Interview

Babak Fatholahi, 2012

Babak Fatholahi, 2012

Fine Art, Portrait & Fashion Photographer
(1990 Iran, lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine)

Interview:  Babak Fatholahi (➤), Li van Saathoff (●) for ADL MAGAZINE

● Tell us a little bit about yourself?
➤ My Name is Babak Fatholahi, I was born in 1990. I am a freelance Photographer

● Which words would your friends use to describe you?
➤ Mysterious and talented.

Believe In Fly by Babak Fatolahi

Photo: Believe In Fly by Babak Fatolahi

● Where is home?
➤ I’m from Iran and I was born in Tehran and now I live in Ukraine.

● If you could live anywhere on this awesome planet where would you build your dream home?
➤ I build dreams in the Netherlands. My favorite is the Netherlands, where the land is full of beauty and so there are beautiful girls!

Dead Bride by Babak Fatolahi

Photo: Dead Bride by Babak Fatolahi

● How did you get into this vein of photography?
➤ From my childhood I was interested in the old portrait paintings and portrait photography in time to see that they had human emotions got interested in photography.

● Did you go to school to study photography?
➤ No! I learned photography by reading and own enormous effort. In 2010 I traveled to Ukraine for the first time to learn new techniques of photography.

● How long have you been a photographer?
➤ I’m photographer from 2009 until now.

Distraught by Babak Fatolahi

Photo: Distraught by Babak Fatolahi

● How would you describe your style?
➤ I try hard that my area would become the narration of humanity and nothing else. All my love is being concentrated on portrait photographing because i believe that you can thus describe the whole world by just to look or by smile made requisition the century and by amazement can decorate death. The value of a photo come from its soul, otherwise a photo of a person is as like as a photo of some things without life that no one sculptures or polishes.
I am very interested that my art would be a tool for showing the pure emotions of human where the frontiers break down and everybody can speak by own Language.
Photography means Beauty and breathing in the pure possible spaces.
The beauty means pause; flick and then a world of Peace.

Parisienne Moonlight (4) by Babak Fatolahi

Photo: Parisienne Moonlight (4) by Babak Fatolahi

● What type of cameras do you shoot with?
➤ I’m currently using a Canon 5D Mark III.

● What is your favorite photography accessory, other than your camera?
➤ My favorite photographer is Ruslan Lobanov, his camera is H4D.

I stay in love by Babak Fatolahi

Photo: I stay in love by Babak Fatolahi

● If you had to choose one lens which one would it be and why?
➤ Canon 135 mm F2 lens I’ve chosen because it is the clearest and highest quality Canon.

● What lighting equipment do you take on a shoot?
➤ I’m using a conventional studio flash.

I Am Sad ! -Self Portrait by Babak Fatolahi, 2012

Photo: I Am Sad ! -Self Portrait by Babak Fatolahi, 2012

● What is your favorite computer/editing accessory?
➤ I use just Photoshop CC.

● What is your most used Photoshop tool, plug-in, action set etc.?
➤ I don’t use Plug-in and most use Brush tool.

In my Dreams by Babak Fatolahi

Photo: In my Dreams by Babak Fatolahi

● Are you a MAC or PC lover?
➤ I use a PC and my Operating system is windows 8.

● How do you feel about cropping an image?
➤ A moment occurs.

Isobel by Babak Fatolahi — mit Brigita Conzelmann.

Photo: Isobel by Babak Fatolahi — mit Brigita Conzelmann.

● What gives you ideas and inspires you to create such awesome imagery?
➤ I mostly spend my time on listening to music and watching movies; these are the ways I most get and gain my new ideas to start another artwork. Ennio Morricone is the artist who inspires me the most; he gives me enthusiasm and motivation when I listen to his works. I always delighted with the art of Italian cinema; when watching their movies I feel they see the world from the point of view which I see, because they pay as much attention as I pay to the most detailed part of beauty and pure human feelings in artworks.

Butterfly by Babak Fatolahi — mit Giuseppe Bressi.

Photo: Butterfly by Babak Fatolahi — mit Giuseppe Bressi.

● How do you educate yourself to take better photos?
➤ Just nice to see the photos, it’s the best training.

● Do you have an assistant or 2nd shooter that accompanies you on shooting assignments?
➤ No, I don’t have an assistant most of the times.

Barbud by Babak Fatolahi

Photo: Barbud by Babak Fatolahi

● What are the ingredients for success with photography?
➤ Creativity and experience.

● How important is an awesome website for your business?
➤ An awesome website for my business is very important and I have one website: “”.

Dreaming Light by Babak Fatholahi

Photo: Dreaming Light by Babak Fatholahi

● A website and/or blog you visit often?

● The first photographer that comes to your mind and why?
➤ Dmitry Ageev because he is the best portrait photographer.

● And the last question, if you had one wish…
➤ I hope my mother is always with me, be able to continue my career, and to show the beauty that others see.

● Thank you kindly for taking the time to answer my questions!

Cigarettes and loneliness by Babak Fatolahi

Photo: Cigarettes and loneliness by Babak Fatolahi

Babak Fatholahi, Statement:
I was born in 1990; in this year lived in a country in which 1000 years be for me cyrus the great existed. I speak by a language that the century before me ferdousi wrote his book shahnameh by this language.
I see the universe by same shooter before me. My compatriot khayyam saw it too. I come from Iran, the country with a 7000 – year oldness. The house zoroaster; since my childhood they have read in my ears miserable of hugo and war and peace of tolstoy as bostan e gulistan of sadi. I am enamored of hafez as much as I’m in love with Goethe. I was very surprised by discovering Friedrich Nietzsche in my youth.


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