Hanne Van Der Woude

Hanne van der Woude, is a young dutch Photographer, with an eye for natural colors and visual dynamic.



Monica, Series ‘MC1R  Natuurlijk rood haar’ by Hanne Van Der Woude, 2007

As every first-year art student knows, red and green are complementary colours and combining them produces huge optical impact. Put a red dot on a green plane and something special happens: the image starts to move and vibrate.

In 2004, Hanne van der Woude eyed the landscape around Nijmegen (a city in the east of the Netherlands, near the German border) with this knowledge in mind. She stood in the floodplain beside the River Waal and thought how she could make the green washlands look even greener. Her mind turned to redheads.

It was the start of a quest to find models with red hair. To begin with, it wasn’t easy. She started to hang around outside primary schools and go up to people in the street; the search gradually turned into obsession.

After reading in an English newspaper that people with naturally red hair are a vanishing breed, Van der Woude got the idea of photographing as many of them as possible and producing a book of the photographs.




Hans, Hanne Van Der Woude

Unlike the photographs in earlier books on this subject, such as the famous Redheads by the American photographer Joel Meyerowitz (1991) and a book with the same title by German photographer Uwe Ditz (2000), Van der Woude’s pictures are not simply straightforward portraits of people – often children – with red hair and pale, freckled skin; Hanne van der Woude remains true to her second love: the Dutch landscape.



Berger family

Berger family, Hanne Van Der Woude

She adopts a narrative, almost cinematic style that is very different from the ‘straight photography’ of documentary photographers. Each photo-shoot is carefully planned and prepared. Van der Woude travels far and wide in search of the right setting. And during the shoot she uses artificial lighting to bring out “the flamboyant qualities of redheads”, as Joel Meyerowitz puts it in his book. (Wim van Sinderen)




Bram, Hanne Van Der Woude

The pictures of 150 redheads throughout the Netherlands are published in the book MC1R – Natuurlijk rood haar. (MC1R is the gene that controls skin and hair colour). The accompanying texts are by Wim van Sinderen and Erik Sistermans.

Hanne van der Woude was one of three photographers chosen to represent the Netherlands this year at the nightlong projection of photographs from 27 European countries at the Rencontres Festival in Arles. Wim van Sinderen served as curator for the selections from the Netherlands.


Dewindt family

Dewindt family, Hanne Van Der Woude


Diederen family

Diederen family, Hanne Van Der Woude
MC1R gene is partly responsible for red hair. It’s probably tens of thousands of years old and a pronounced weak gene that always tastes defeat. The number of redheads then also gradually decreases. This was Hanne van der Woude the main reason to start on the project. Hanne van der Woude uses a unique style in capturing the redheads. They seem to play in a story, which interpretation is left to the imagination of the viewer .


Fleur An

Fleur An, Hanne Van Der Woude


Grinsven family

Grinsven family, Hanne Van Der Woude



Hendrien, Hanne Van Der Woude

The core of the pictures is the beauty of people, in this case of people with red hair, but also their behavior, their emotions and their vulnerability. This principle provides, also by the choice of colors, beautiful images. In her book the pictures are introduced by molecular biologist Erik Sistermans which describes from a scientific perspective past, present and future of our redheads accessible.


Hopkins family

Hopkins family, Hanne Van Der Woude



Huub, Hanne Van Der Woude


Ilse Ruth

Ilse Ruth, Hanne Van Der Woude



Jolanda, Hanne Van Der Woude



Jordy, Hanne Van Der Woude



Kim, Hanne Van Der Woude



Leentje, Hanne Van Der Woude



Sterra, Hanne Van Der Woude



Valerie, Hanne Van Der Woude


Van Ooij family

Van Ooij family, Hanne Van Der Woude


About Hanne Van Der Woude:
2004 – 2007 School of Photography – Professional training Apeldoorn
1999 – 2003 Artez Academy of Arts, Arnhem, Bachelor degree
Selected Exhibitions
2012 Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts – Yamanashi – Japan (G)
2012 Museum het Valkhof Nijmegen – Naar de Letter (duo exhibition)
2010 Arte Laguna – Venice Arsenale – Venice – Italy (G)
2010 Art Rotterdam – Nrc M Kunstedition – Rotterdam – the Netherlands(G)
2010 Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts – Yamanashi – Japan (G)
2008 Christies London – Auction with 20 Dutch photographers
London – United Kingdom (G)
2008 Nuit Blanche – Paris – France (G)
2008 Les rencontres d’Arles – Photographie – Arles – France (G)
2008 Musee de l’Elysee – Museum for Photography – Lausanne – Switzerland (G)
2008 The Hague Museum of Photography, The Hague, the Netherlands (S)
2007 Fashion week – Brussels- Belgium (G)
2005 Museum of Modern Art – Brussels – Belgium (G)
2005 ‘Contemporary Women’ – Brussels – Belgium (G)
2005 ‘Made in Arnhem’ – CBKG – Arnhem, the Netherlands(G)
2005 ‘Brussels Fashion Fairs’ – Brussels – Belgium (G)
2004 Centrum Beeldende Kunst Nijmegen – Nijmegen, the Netherlands (G)
2003 Walls Gallery – Amsterdam, the Netherlands (G)
Selected Publications
2008 Book MC1R – Natuurlijk rood haar
Publisher De Jonge Hond, 8 May 2008
2008 Reprint Book MC1R – Natuurlijk rood haar – 18 May 2008
2011: Fnv magazine
2011: Label Magazine
2011; Book Tussen Brons en Lood – Ben Joosten
2011: Nrc Next
2011: Italian Magazine Zoom
Ruby’s Lepel – cover book – the Netherlands
2010: Magazine ‘Red’, a publication with the exhibition ‘rood’ from the Tropenmuseum
2010: Catalogue Art Laguna – Italy
2010: Book YP – K*MoPA – Japan
2009:Book ‘Never leave the house naked’ – Bis publishers
2009:Magazine Elsevier -The all_dutch one hundred artists list 2008
2009 Magazine; Credits
2009 Magazine Excellent leven en wonen
2008 Magazine; Lens Culture
2008 Magazine; Holland Herald
2008 Magazine; Eyemazing
2008 Magazine; P/F
2008 NRC M Magazine – Coverstory, ‘Hollands Rood’ – MC1R
2008 Newspapers: among other things: De Volkskrant, Trouw, Algemeen Dagblad – Book and exhibition MC1R
2007 Magazine; De fotograaf
2006 Magazine; Marie Claire
2005 Magazine; Addict: issue Food – International, issue Contemporary Women
2005 Wintertuinkrant
2005 Newspaper: Trouw, Gelderlander, Parool – MC1R
2005 Magazine; Photographie – Germany
2005 Wintertuinkrant
2004 Magazine; Addict: issue Voyage – issue Olympic
2004 Magazine; Villa d’Arte
2004 Wintertuinkrant
2004 Magazine; Label, Belgium
2004 Magazine; BLVD
Television / Other Media
2008 Ned.3. ‘De Wereld Draait Door’ – Interview – Book and exhibition MC1R – Natural red hair
2008 Ned.3. Nos Journal – Interview – Book and exhibition MC1R – Natural red hair
2008 Ned 3. Nos Jeugd Journal – Interview – Book and exhibition MC1R – Natural red hair
2005 RTL 4: Editie.nl – Book MC1R – Natuurlijk rood haar
2005 Ned.3: Nos Jeugdjournaal – Interview – Book MC1R – Natural red hair

2008 Radio 1- Interview – Book and exhibition MC1R – Natural red hair
2010 Finalist Arte Laguna prize – Italy
2005 Germany – Photovision 2005


All images found on this website are the explicit property of Hanne van der Woude, any duplication, reproduction, or use without the express consent
of Hanne van der Woude is prohibited. Any unauthorized use of the images on this web site is in direct violation of the laws of copyright.


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