Naren Inow


Relapse from the Ruin.

Relapse from the Ruin. © Naren Inow





Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Founder, Calligraphy Artist
Center for Calligraphy


Maharishi Vidya Mandir School, Chennai (Madras) ’08
S.R.V Hr Sec School ’10
Jetking Computer Hardware Networking Institute, Chennai, Tamil Nadu ’08
Computer Hardware and Networking
EC-Council ’12
Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures
Graphology Handwriting Analysts International ’13
School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University, Chennai



+The Magical SHE !

The Magical SHE ! © Naren Inow


+Unheard Voices

Unheard Voices. © Naren Inow


A symphony of Heart

A symphony of Heart. © Naren Inow


konjam paati and tinkerings !!

Konjam paati and tinkerings ! © Naren Inow


+Anger Personified

Anger Personified. © Naren Inow


+Migraine Effect

Migraine Effect. © Naren Inow



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