All This Can Happen

‘Otto the Giant’, still from All This Can Happen, courtesy of British Pathé


“Do you think it quite impossible that on a gentle walk I should meet giants, do business with booksellers, dine at noon with intelligent ladies, stroll through woods, dispatch dangerous letters, and come to wild blows with spiteful, ironic master tailors? All this can happen….”

Award winning artists, Siobhan Davies and David Hinton, have collaborated for the first time to create a film which brings together their distinctive ways of looking at the world in a meditative walk through the everyday.

The new film by award-winning artists Siobhan Davies and David Hinton takes a meditative walk through the everyday, following in the footsteps of the protagonist from the short story The Walk (1917) by Robert Walser. A series of small adventures and chance encounters take the walker from idiosyncratic observations of ordinary events towards a deeper pondering on the comedy, heartbreak and ceaseless variety of life.

Made entirely from early archive photographs and footage from the earliest days of cinema, All This Can Happen uses a variety of split-screen techniques, as well as constantly changing speeds and densities of images, to render an eccentric journey of the mind.

‘Responding so appropriately and with such originality to Walser’s words, David and Siobhan have created a glorious fantasy of the modern world, a dream of modernist sensibility that engages with the mind and machines and madness, sexuality and shopping, poetry and photography and (obliquely) politics, city and country, culture and nature, ways of moving and ways of seeing.’ (John Wyver,

All This Can Happen, dir Siobhan Davies and David Hinton, UK 2012, 50 mins, cert TBC

All This Can Happen (2013) – IMDb

Institute of Contemporary Arts, London: 7 Dec 2013 – 29 Dec 2013


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