Roseanne Supernault in Maina

Not to be missed: Roseanne Supernault in Maïna

Not new, but so far still relatively unknown, however the perfect winter movie:
Director: Michel Poulette | Canada 2012 | 103 min | AGE: 13+

This adventure tale of a rivalry between two arctic peoples set in the pre-contact era took home Best Picture at AIFF in November 2013. Its stars Roseanne Supernault and Tantoo Cardinal won for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress.
Set in the arctic north of Turtle Island before European contact, the film tells the story of an Innu woman who embarks on a quest into rival Inuit territory to fulfill a promise. This is an unusual movie, even within Native cinema, as it takes place before contact with Europeans.

Roseanne Supernault and Ipellie Ootoova in Maina

Roseanne Supernault and Ipellie Ootoova in Maina

The Inuit defied the elements of nature and lived their life in snow and cold. One of the magical things about films is that they can transport us through time and space to worlds we would never experience otherwise. “Maïna” is the tough, thrilling and touching story about a young native Indian girl in northern Canada.

She is the daughter of the clan’s chief and shaman, and possesses the power of the wolf spirit. When a little boy from the clan is abducted by Inuits, she follows them and even ends up being admitted into their clan, far up north in a world of snow and ice – but this does not pass without problems, as culture and nature has shaped the two people differently. The concept of ‘girl power’ is very much put into perspective in this highly beautiful film, whose message is that one shouldn’t necessarily fear the unknown.

>> Maïna (2013) – IMDb


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