Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses

1 dolce-gabbana-ad-sunglasses-campaign-fw-2014-women-4

Dolce & Gabbana special collection “Baroque”


3 dg2121-02_874 dg4167-501_8g5 dg4168-2681_87


7 dolce-gabbana-ad-sunglasses-campaign-fw-2014-women-2

Dolce & Gabbana special collection “Animalier”

8 dg4111m-1995_13

9 dg4101-1995_1311 dg4149-1995_13


13 dolce-gabbana-ad-sunglasses-campaign-fw-2014-women-9

Dolce & Gabbana special collection “Lace”

14 dg4116-1901_8g16 dg4111m-1901_8g17 dg4191p-1901_8g


19 dolce-gabbana-ad-sunglasses-campaign-fw-2014-men-7

Dolce & Gabbana men collection

20 dg4139-502-7321 dg4139-2542-1324 dg4139-501-87


25 dolce-gabbana-ad-sunglasses-campaign-fw-2014-men-8

Dolce & Gabbana men collection

27 dg4102-501-8728 dg4102-705-1329 dg4102-502-73Dolce_-_Gabbana_sunglassesdolce-and-gabbana-sunglasses-20132013-photographic-studio-techniques-page-2-uniaaqwpdolce-gabbana-gold-eyewear



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