Creative DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas


20. Bell Jar Ornaments


No other holidays have examined a magical and joyous preparation period as Christmas, as the whole month of Advent is dedicated to get into the Christmas spirit and be merry. Truth be told, holidays will only be as festive as you make them so do not wait for the Christmas spirit to manifest Itself, start creating it!
Probably the best way to get inspired for the holidays is to decorate your house and a Christmas tree. And if you take it one step further and decide to make the decorations and ornaments yourself, then Christmas will be all the more special!
We’ve already shared a collection of DIY Christmas tree ideas, so now it‘s time to create some DIY Christmas ornaments for it. Check out the images did inspired us, and get creative!



1. Light Bulb Penguin Ornaments

Light Bulb Penguin Ornaments


2. Steampunk Gear Christmas Ornament

Steampunk Gear Christmas Ornament


3. Tea Cup Ornament

Tea Cup Ornament


4. Old CD Ornament 14. Old CD Ornament 2

Old CD Ornament


5. Mini Mittens

Mini Mittens


6. Wine Cork Ornaments

Wine Cork Ornaments


7. Book Page Rosette Christmas Ornament

Book Page Rosette Christmas Ornament


8. Thumbprint Ornaments 18. Thumbprint Ornaments 2

Thumbprint Ornaments


9. Toilet Roll Reindeer 19. Toilet Roll Reindeer 2

Toilet Roll Reindeer


10. Cinnamon Applesauce Heart Ornaments

Cinnamon Applesauce Heart Ornaments


11. Pistachio Christmas Ornament

Pistachio Christmas Ornament


12. Macaroni Snowflakes 112. Macaroni Snowflakes 2

Macaroni Snowflakes


13. Lego Ornament

Lego Ornament


14. Yarn Ball Ornament

Yarn Ball Ornament


15. Computer’s Memory Recycled for Christmas 115. Computer’s Memory Recycled for Christmas 2

Computer’s Memory Recycled for Christmas


16. Filled Ornament 116. Filled Ornament 2

Filled Ornament


17. A Very Puzzling Rudolph 117. A Very Puzzling Rudolph 2

A Very Puzzling Rudolph


18. Crochet Snowflakes 118. Crochet Snowflakes 2

Crochet Snowflakes


19. Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments

Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments


20. Bell Jar Ornaments

Bell Jar Ornaments



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